Nonprofit maternity group Florence Crittenton will host its annual Legacy of Hope Brunch May 21 to support the agency’s ongoing work as well as several coming changes, including relocating from its historic St. Margaret Street residence.

“We used to have other fundraising events in the past, and they were great and successful in helping us reach audiences and raise revenue, but those events were often not tied to our mission,” said Cheryl O’Donnell, executive director of Florence Crittenton. “We wanted an opportunity to really talk about what our mission is and to ask folks to join us in the work that we’re doing.”

Florence Crittenton is the only maternity group home in South Carolina that services minors. More than 3,000 women under 19 in South Carolina give birth each year. About 300 of those births are in the Charleston metro area, according to O’Donnell.

The organization sees the annual event, which features a short speaking program and silent auction, as a way to connect the supporters with staff and alumni, honoring the work of the agency and how it’s impacted the lives of women across the state, as well as drum up support for coming projects.

A more home-like approach

The organization is now looking to relocate from its 14,000 square-foot building into something more home-like, which will provide a better environment for the girls, ages 14 to 22, who grow up in the agency’s care.