Lowcountry nonprofit’s new campaign provides support to pregnant, parenting teens

Lowcountry nonprofit’s new campaign provides support to pregnant, parenting teens

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – One Lowcountry nonprofit is raising funds to support safe housing for pregnant and parenting teens.

Florence Crittenton Programs is working to raise $54,000 throughout June for the organization’s “Beyond Our Walls” campaign.

Florence Crittenton Programs is a nonprofit organization that serves pregnant and parenting teens in the community. The organization houses these young girls and provides them with the support they need during a vulnerable time. Statistics show that teen moms are less likely to finish high school and more likely to end up in poverty or unstable housing, but the organization is working to beat those odds. The organization wants to help these young girls achieve success.

Florence Crittenton Programs can only house 10 girls at a time. Since January, 54 teens under 19 years old have reached out for support that could not be provided because of this limited space. This is where the “Beyond Our Walls” campaign comes into play.

They are raising this $54,000 for the 54 girls who sought their services this year. They want to support the women even if they can’t house them. They consider different variables like safety and age in determining who they house, but they want to provide every young girl with the help she needs.

Florence Crittenton Programs Executive Director Cheryl O’Donnell says the campaign’s goal is to allow the organization to reach pregnant and parenting teens in the community while raising awareness among others about the services they provide. O’Donnell says they plan to use this funding for more community outreach and parenting programs, expand their rental assistance program and implement more alternative housing opportunities for these young women.

“They are some of the most vulnerable members of our population in our community. And there are very few resources out there. We’re the only home that serves minors in the state of South Carolina. So, we’re not only trying to support those here in the Tri-County area but also young women in Greenville and Horry County and Aiken. And so, the support that we get from our community here and statewide allows us to bring young women to our community and give them the support that they need,” O’Donnell says.

They have already reached about half of their fundraising goal which O’Donnell says is exciting because this campaign is just the beginning of several plans they have to expand within the community. There is a high demand for their services, but limited resources are available in South Carolina. Those at Florence Crittenton want to provide support to young women not just in the Lowcountry, but across the state. They are already working on transitioning some of those 54 girls into their rental assistance program and get them proper housing.

If you are interested in helping support this organization, you can donate through their website. The organization is also always seeking volunteers to help in many different ways. If interested in volunteering, you can find that information here. O’Donnell says they accept monetary donations, as well as gift cards and baby items. Specific items that they are looking for, as well as items that they cannot currently accept, are also listed on their website. O’Donnell says any bit of support that you can provide helps these young women greatly.

It means so much to O’Donnell to be a part of this organization and provide this support to these girls.

“Our staff meets young women at the most vulnerable points in their life. And we are working with them when you know they have very little education. They have very little opportunity because of their age and legal opportunity to do some of the things that they need to do. And so to be able to help them overcome the various challenges that they have, it’s one of those things that helps us get helps us get out of bed every day,” she says.

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